July 2019 Wrap-Up

Welp, this was an interesting July to say the least. Even with me starting my brand new job, plan my brother's graduation party, help plan to move him upstate... I still managed to read as much as I did. Which, it has to be my best month yet I believe. Let's just get right into … Continue reading July 2019 Wrap-Up


June 2019 Wrap-Up

Goodbye June! I can't believe we are already into the second half of 2019.. and I'm leaving June and going into July with new beginnings. I took a brand new job which I am so excited to be finally back to work! Of course, this blog will still be posting Monday through Friday because this … Continue reading June 2019 Wrap-Up

May 2019 Wrap-Up

May is over, June is here! Well, almost. Time for a monthly wrap-up post, and I got to say I'm really proud of myself in the amount I read this month, especially with the amount of events I had going on. Let's get right into the wrap up shall we? Daisy Jones & The Six … Continue reading May 2019 Wrap-Up

April 2019 Wrap-Up

Wow guys! April is coming to an end! This is crazy I cannot believe how quickly the year is going by. I got a lot done this month and this month I actually did keep track of books, music, AND movies! I have had everything super organized in preparation for this month's wrap-up, so let's … Continue reading April 2019 Wrap-Up

March 2019 Wrap-Up

Hello all my book friends! I know it's a little early for a March wrap up, but I am sooo done with March at this point. I had a terrible reading month, but finally I can feel a decent reading mood coming on to the nice weather, so I decided to just go ahead and … Continue reading March 2019 Wrap-Up

February Wrap-Up

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! Today we are finally getting to my February wrap-up and wow, has it been a busy month. I started off this month with Harry Potter in mind, but life got the best of me and I was not able to complete my challenge, but I am very happy with how … Continue reading February Wrap-Up