Upcoming Releases: August 2019

It's August! Do you know what that means? Well, it means a few things... it means summer prime time, my birthday, and more great new books coming out! Let's just dive right in to see some of the books being released this August 2019! I'm Not Dying With You Tonight - Gilly Segal, Kimberly Jones … Continue reading Upcoming Releases: August 2019


Upcoming Book Releases: July 2019

Goodbye June, Hello July! It's feeling like summer guys, and with that feeling comes my total contemporary mood. July's releases look really promising this year, so let's get right to it! Wilder Girls - Rory Power (July 9) It's been eighteen months since the Raxter School for Girls was put under quarantine. Since the Tox … Continue reading Upcoming Book Releases: July 2019

Upcoming Book Releases: June 2019

Okay guys! June is here! We are just about halfway through the year, which is so crazy! May had some really amazing releases, which tends to be the case every year, but we can't sleep on the rest of 2019's releases! Let's take a look at some of the new releases for June 2019. Wild … Continue reading Upcoming Book Releases: June 2019

Upcoming Book Releases: May 2019

Guys, I can't believe it is just about May already. It's crazy to me. It's finally May, and man oh man, I have been waiting for this month to finally arrive! This whole month for me is going to be me basically crying because the Caraval series is coming to an end. Finale is one … Continue reading Upcoming Book Releases: May 2019

Upcoming Book Releases: April 2019

So I decided that while continuing on with my Monthly TBR's, Monthly Wrap-Ups, why not keep track of Upcoming Releases for each month too? I find that I kind of have trouble keeping up with book releases each month because there are just sooo many I want to read and I already have a huge … Continue reading Upcoming Book Releases: April 2019