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Upcoming Book Releases: April 2019

So I decided that while continuing on with my Monthly TBR's, Monthly Wrap-Ups, why not keep track of Upcoming Releases for each month too? I find that I kind of have trouble keeping up with book releases each month because there are just sooo many I want to read and I already have a huge… Continue reading Upcoming Book Releases: April 2019

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Puddin’ (Dumplin’ #2) Book Review

Happy Monday everyone! Starting this week off with a new book review. Enjoy! Title: Puddin' (Dumplin #2) Author: Julie Murphy Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Romance Pages: 448 (11 hours) Format: audiobook, borrowed from Overdrive Buy on Amazon ⭐/5 It is a companion novel to Dumplin', which follows supporting characters from the first book… Continue reading Puddin’ (Dumplin’ #2) Book Review


Book Characters I Would Love to be Friends With

Goodmorning and Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to do a fun little post today about some book characters I would love to be friends with. This idea just kind of came to me after reading Puddin' by Julie Murphy (review to come), but it had me thinking about friendships. Then that kind of turned into… Continue reading Book Characters I Would Love to be Friends With